Meeting Agenda-January 27, 2015

Kiwanis Club of Fort Pierce

P. O. Box 957

Fort Pierce, FL 34954-0186

Division Sixteen – Florida District

Organized April 29, 1926

Meeting Agenda-

January 27, 2015


  Pledge of Allegiance

America My Country.

Songs—January Birthday:Jerry McGrane

Guests and Prospective Members.

Happy Dollars.

A Joke or story from Jack


Fund Raisers.   

   Service Projects. Data House Update? Remove pepper trees??

   Summer Sailing Program-

Boy Scout Troop –Troop 405


2014-15 OFFICERS!

President: Steve Dipalma
Pres Elect: Paul Pearson
Sec: Bob Gehrig
Tres: Bud Holmes
Past Pres: Tom Boedicker Directors:Tom Perona
J Gaines,Jeff Cook ,Kevin Keeling,Bill Abramowicz


News and Notes:


Highlight our progress. Kick off Kiwanis’ centennial year with a progress update. As of January 4, 2015,

The Eliminate Project has raised more than US$74.2 million. Thanks to the generosity of Kiwanians like you

and your club members, Kiwanis will help save or protect more than 41 women and their future babies from MNT


Mini Grant submitted and approved-$500

Treasure Coast Youth Sailing Foundation- Club to offer assistance in its work

 Coloring Books—distribute to kids in hospital. Books have arrived. Publicity picture???

(more ordered to hand out on Feb. 6th)

 100 year celebration packet—? Main Street in February 6th– who can attend??

 100-year celebration of Kiwanis-order items for club-order received

 Applications for new members?


2014 Program Chairs:

 Jenny Fee- Treasure Coast Hospice-Thanks Bill Abramowicz

Gary Roberts- Winery—TBA—thanks Bob Gehrig


        Today: Keith Anderson: What You Want To Know About Wine and Afraid to Ask!


50-50—card draw






Kiwanis 5 K Bridge Buster Run Big Sucess


The 32nd annual Bridgebuster, 5 K Run was held on January 3, 2015. Here is Tom Perona getting everybody ready for the race while Kiwanian Klip Klueppelberg is set to load the cannon to mark the start of the race. Joyce Calvert is in the background getting ready to run.

kiwanis Tom P runimage003 Klip 5K